Sunday, June 4, 2023

It's Sunday with Dan

 It's June, the month of love and marriage. And there is no greater love than West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin's love for television. Not only was he thrown slow pitch softballs by Shannon "Barbie" Bream on Fox "News" Sunday, but he also played rope a dope with Chuck "Springfield Missouri thinks I'm a lying libtard" Todd on "Meet the Press." A hidden part of the budget/debt ceiling agreement was the green light approval for the ecologically dangerous Mountain Valley Pipeline. This was shoved in by Manchin, who is bankrolled by Wall Street and energy conglomerates. Fun facts about West Virginia: Although it ranks 38 in population, it is number 2 in federal aid. It is number 4 in poverty. It makes Arkansas look like Las Vegas. It's top 3 employers are hospitals, coal mines, and convenience stores. So after a long shift at the mine, you drop by the Kwiki Mart to get a pack of Viceroys on your way to the hospital for cancer treatment. Manchin is continually asked if he is going to run as a third party candidate for president.Well, if there is a Narcissistic Party he's the logical choice. Miles Davis didn't blow his horn as hard as Joe. 

Next on the cavalcade of stars was Republican Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota. He is bought and paid for by the insurance "industry", so you know he's on your side. Like most in the GOP he states that we don't spend enough on defense. Last year we spent 876 million on defense. Number two was China at 292 million. What don't I understand here? 

 Last, and definitely least, was former Donnie "Love Machine" Trump attorney Timothy Parlatore. He wasted 10 minutes of my life by not answering any questions citing attorney/client privilege. He did state the any folders Trump had that were marked classified were not really classified. And that when Trump told the mob to storm the Capital on January 6th that was not technically inciting a riot. That clears that up. 

And in this week's Data Download we found out the majority of old people are white. For the first time in my life I am in first place.